Axie Infinity

Start in Axie Infinity Origins, an exciting world where digital creatures called Axies come to life. In this universe, players have total control of their digital assets in an economy driven by themselves. Each Axie is unique, with a genetic code that determines its parts and abilities, meaning the diversity is infinite. Now, in this new version, the gameplay mechanics have transformed. Trainers take turns directing their Axies in combat, adding a deeper layer of strategy. Additionally, the cards have evolved with detailed designs and specific functions.

The skills related to the eyes and ears of the Axies add to the diversity of the game. Trainers can craft runes and amulets to enhance their Axies, collecting “moonshards” in their victories.

But that’s not all, players compete in the leaderboard of each season for rewards in AXS, taking this game to the ultimate competitive scene. The game has reinvented itself, and the excitement is at its peak. Are you ready to join this revolution in cryptocurrency collection strategy in Axie Infinity Origins?

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