Embark on your journey in Big Time and discover an exhilarating cooperative role-playing game that combines fast-paced action with a storyline of historical exploration and the opportunity to collect NFTs. In this epic game, you take on the role of a brave hero whose mission is to protect the timeline from a mysterious threat that destabilizes history itself.

The innovation in Big Time lies in its “Timelines” system, which allows you to enhance and customize your characters across various classes. As you travel through the ages, encountering historical figures and unraveling the plot, you realize the interconnectedness of events and influences on the fabric of history.

The storyline itself is captivating: an enigmatic threat breaks temporal barriers, causing chaos in history. What makes Big Time even more exciting is that you can experience this adventure alongside hundreds of players online. Together, you must face and overcome temporal challenges to restore balance in the historical continuum.

As you delve into the story, you can receive valuable rewards that enrich your experience. From obtaining powerful equipment to the thrill of acquiring NFTs by defeating final bosses in dungeons, the game provides a tangible sense of achievement.

The NFTs in Big Time are not just collectibles; they also hold real value. These unique digital assets can be traded for cryptocurrencies, adding an exciting economic element to your temporal journey. However, the game strikes a balance by ensuring that crucial gameplay elements, such as enhancing equipment, are not tradable, thus preserving the integrity of the gaming experience.

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