"Crypto Unicorns" offers players an exciting experience in ranch and unicorn simulation. In this game, they acquire "lands" to customize and manage their ranch, cultivate food and objects, breed and evolve unicorns, craft materials, and compete in missions and jousts.

The game promises future additions such as races and battles, where unicorns will play a key role. The most exciting aspect is the “play to earn” model, which allows players to earn in-game tokens and other valuable items while playing.

RBW is the main token used in the game for staking, governance, Marketplace purchases, unicorn breeding, and events. Players can obtain RBW through the sale of Class Berries, material collection, participation in races, jousts, battles, and staking rewards. On the other hand, UNIM is the secondary token used for breeding, evolution, and item crafting. Players can obtain UNIM through competitions and tournaments in the game.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Crypto Unicorns, where fun and rewards await you at every corner.

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