Geopoly transports you to a virtual universe where strategy and construction merge with blockchain technology and Web3. In this decentralized game, you can buy, sell, and build digital properties.

Acquire land parcels in the virtual world, create structures and businesses, and decide whether to rent them out, auction them, or sell them. Collaborate with other players, establish alliances, and compete for control of territories and valuable resources. Security and transparency are pillars in Geopoly thanks to smart contracts. Earn cryptocurrencies and other incentives as you dive into the game and contribute to its evolution.

The GEO$ token is the key currency for transactions and business in this virtual world. Use it to acquire virtual properties, enhance businesses, and seek special NFTs on the game map. Challenge your skills and complete missions to obtain exclusive Ownership Certificates! Geopoly is your passport to building a digital empire in the exciting blockchain universe. Ready to join this revolution? Start in Geopoly now!

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