Explore a devastated alien planet in this thrilling game. You are a survivor of a space fleet that arrives at a world shrouded in a vast crystalline ocean and inhabited by divine beasts called Illuvials. Radiation from the planet's core has fueled their growth and unique abilities, but it has also unleashed their ferocity. Could the Illuvials have caused the downfall of this world?

Immerse yourself in a unique experience as you take on the role of hunter and collector. With over 100 Illuvials to capture and collect, each with its own abilities and synergies, you must form strategic teams to face challenges and participate in exciting battles in an innovative Arena.

Customize your character and drone to confront the powerful beasts you encounter along the way. As you explore, you will collect minerals and harvest energy fruits to upgrade your equipment or even trade on the in-game market. The key to success lies in merging Illuvials, unlocking their full potential, and creating strategic combinations to overcome even the strongest opponents.

Use ETH to make purchases and challenges within the game, or ILV to participate in project governance and receive rewards. As the game unfolds, prepare to uncover more secrets, delve into gameplay mechanics, and explore a universe full of intriguing possibilities.

Challenge other players in the Arenas, discover unique Illuvials and weapons, and immerse yourself in a world where strategy, exploration, and capture combine in a unique experience. Face the intensity of battles, forge powerful teams, and uncover the mysteries lurking in Illuvium.

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