Become an expert in the exciting universe of football club management. Your objective is clear: to become the most successful and prestigious club. As the owner and manager of the club, you must make key strategic decisions. Training, signings, sales, and contracts are part of your responsibility.

Start with a novice scout who seeks promising young talents. Over time, their experience improves, influencing the quality of the players they discover. However, keep in mind that the scout specializes in certain areas.

Training is essential to enhance your players’ skills, but you must also take care of their physical condition and age, as these factors are crucial. Matches are the battlefield, where individual skill, morale, fatigue, tactics, and luck determine the outcome.

Participate in friendlies, tournaments, and qualifying matches against other players in continental leagues. Climb the ranks, accumulate points, and attract sponsors.

Team delegation allows you to share responsibilities and rewards with other players. You can also bet on matches and earn money if your chosen team succeeds.

In an internal market, you can buy and sell players and scouts. All of this revolves around two tokens, MSU and MSC, essential for your actions.

Challenge your strategic skills, improve your players, and guide your club to glory. Do you have what it takes to excel in this virtual football world? Discover it in this unique experience.

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