"The Unfettered" is an exciting action role-playing game developed by the talented team at Trender Software with Unreal Engine 4. In this studio's first game in the "souls-like" genre, you'll step into the shoes of a brave warrior woman pursued as the "chosen one" by the gods. Your mission: confront subterranean monsters that have plunged the world into death and chaos.

Prepare to explore a world of ruins, vast landscapes, and stunning designs as you take on the role of Lura, the heir of the legendary bird. Feel the power you carry within and relish the satisfaction of each victory in this heroic adventure.

Experience a legendary story that dates back to ancient times, full of passion and ambition. As you progress, collect SOULS, the game’s main currency, by defeating other players and monsters. Use these souls to upgrade your equipment, purchase items, and participate in the project’s governance mechanism.

“The Unfettered” is a game in the style of the Dark Souls saga that will challenge you in combat against both players and AI-controlled enemies. Get ready to face increasingly powerful challenges as you improve your equipment and skills.

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